Do you want to know more? THARM is a simple tool created to facilitate managing the customers and products of a realestate manager

The Program's Status:

We have created a program which is fully functional. It implements the required functionality, though some have been developed further than others. Furthermore add/remove functions exist for all involved objects in the program.


One catalogue in stead of 2 as suggested. The catalogue functions as a Collection, with add/remove etc. and an internal data representation consisting of lists and dictionaries for improved time complexity.


The user interface is relatively simple, and as such does not support showing very large collections of data particularly well.


We assume that the system is single-user based, and thus we have not implemented any form of identification protection.


A system of attributes which makes it possible to add specialisations of any item classes in our system without having to change the implementation of user interfaces. An attribute is e.g. assigned a new class, and another attribute assigned each property in the class. The properties marked in this manner can be of the types enum or any IComparable class which can be converted to and from a string using the static System.Convert.ChangeType. The added classes can be used directly and with no code changes in profiles and sales.

It is possible to find all buyers that match a specific sale.

We have implemented serialisation using BinaryFormatter.

The system was created by:

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Explore the program directory

This is the program which was developed through the 48 hours of hard work. You can find the source code in the program directory, along with the program executable itself.

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Run THARM (not recommended)

The THARM program is designed to run without any extra DLLs, and as such will run from here. What this means, however, is that you will be unable to save data. It is suggested that you copy the program to somewhere on your machine and run it from there.

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View the API Documentation

The API Documentation for the program, as created using Visual Studio's XML Comment syntax (with a little extra touch for namespace descriptions), and using the documentation generator Doxygen

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Explore the CD

If for some reason you should wish to view the CD's structure, you can activate this item to view the contents of the CD-ROM through your file-browser.