Do you want to know more? Smart Bugs is a game developed as a modification to Half Life 2 during the spring semester of 2009, by a group of 5 people at Aalborg University's Game and Engine Development course.

During the sprint semester of 2009, five students from the Game and Engine Development course at Aalborg Univesity set out to learn something about artificial intelligence and user experience in games. The Smart Bugs game is the result of this process.


Smart Bugs

Watch that objective health, soldier!

Red bug digging into the objective.

Smart Bugs attack from behind!


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Smart Bugs: Do You Want To Know More? (38.3 MB)

This is the package containing the game itself.

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Source code (39.2 MB)

The source code for Smart Bugs: Do You Want To Know More?

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Project Report (16.8MB)

Documentation on the development of Smart Bugs, and an exploration of the algorithms used in the game's AI, as well as an investigation into the user experience of the game itself.