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Here we will have a list of all the members of the UFR (those who wish to be listed only, of course). To listen to these auditions, you must have an MP3 player. For windows I recomend WinAmp, for Mac MacAmp, and for Linux The X MultiMedia System. Just a quick-n-dirty list, if anyone knows better, please tell me.

Leinir Turthra
Auditions for Old Deuteronomy (download)
Skimbleshanks, the Railway Cat (download)
About/ reasons Well, I'm an elfin wolf who would like to sing for a cat in CATS :) My homie is here if you wanna know more about me:

Auditions for Jemima (download)
About/ reasons well, I come from a line of people who sing, and I really like Jemima, and I think my voice comes close to it =) Plus, someday, I want to sing in the real CATS as Jemima

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